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All three components of happiness are focused on the Black sea - the sea air, salt water and sunlight. The mountains of the Caucasus mountain range, getting up on its shores, southern flora, colorful sunsets, the southern nights, the singing of the cicadas, the indescribable and beautiful that words can not express.

Since ancient times, the sea attracted people. Swimming has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, increases circulation, strengthens the heart muscle, nervous system, muscles develop. Improved rate and depth of breathing. Sustained effect of swimming stress on the growth processes of children. Swimming - effective means of prevention and treatment of disorders of posture by increasing the flexibility of the spine. It is especially indicated untrained people with symptoms of inactivity, in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic, respiratory, cardiovascular system (in the absence of heart failure). Different styles swimming - an effective way to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Learning to swim is organized on all the beaches of seaside resorts. By the way, learn to swim in salt water more easily than in the pond with fresh water.

Beneficial effects of the sea on the human nervous system. Calming effect dimensional lapping waves and the rustle of pebbles, cool water when bathing. Even the color of the sea and coastal vegetation has an impact on our health.

Spa-hotel "Zelyonaya Roscha" has its own pebble-stone beach stretching 500 meters, which is 200 meters from the mainland. The beach is connected to lifts and an underground passage to the territory of the complex. The beach has everything for a comfortable stay: aerary, deck chairs, sun loungers, shady gazebos, umbrellas, shower rooms, a cafe-bar "Breeze".